Caribbean Organisation of Indigenous People (COIP)

The Caribbean Organization of Indigenous Peoples (C.O.I.P) was established in 1987. Its country members include Belize, Dominica, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Saint Vincent, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. The Chairmanship of COIP currently rotates to each member country every 3 years with the present Chair residing in Trinidad and Tobago being served by the Santa Rosa Carib Community.

ArimaCarib Community,
Paul Mitchell Street,
667 0210 (T)
664 1897 (F)

Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC)

The Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC) is the recognized Regional Ecumenical Organization (REO) of the Caribbean and one of the major development agencies at work in the Caribbean today. Currently comprised of 33 member churches in 34 territories across the Dutch, English, French and Spanish speaking territories of the region, it was founded in 1973.

129 Southern Main Road

662 3064 /662 2979 (T)
662 1303 (F)

Windward Islands Farmers’ Association (WINFA)

The Windward Islands Farmers’ Association is a people-centered non-governmental organization that represents, protects, and promotes the interest of thousands of farmers across the Windward islands and Martinique in a continued struggle to improve the farm, family, community, and national conditions.

P O Box 817, Kingstown, St. Vincent

456 2704 (T)
456 1383 (F)

Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN)

CYEN views youth as an important and critical development resource. It focuses on empowering young people and their communities to develop programmes/actions to address socio-economic and environmental issues.

P O Box 915, Bridgetown, Barbados

231 7263 (mobile)
437 3381 (F)