Capacity Building Hub: Strengthening Caribbean Civil Society

CPDC seeks to ‘make an impact on public policy’ by equipping fellow non-governmental organisations. Therefore, CPDC aims to host the premier online data platform to deliver capacity building services and/or information in the civil society sector across the Caribbean region. It provides information to help civil society in its pursuit of operational sustainability. In the same token, the hub is a useful resource to support efforts of achieving sustainable human development.
This Hub aims to strengthens Caribbean civil society by:

  • Aiding in knowledge assimilation and dissemination;
  • Providing tools to enhance technical  skills;
  • Being a bridge to other hubs/ institutions to identify capacity building needs.

It provides resources across a range of thematic areas identified by regional civil society actors. The six (6) thematic areas are:

For each of these, information will be divided into four (4) subcategories:

  • documents;
  • videos;
  • links; and
  • self-assessment tools.

These resources are developed by CPDC and/or our other development partners.