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CPDC Membership

Membership Guidelines

Application for membership is made to the Executive Director. Approval of membership can be granted between Assemblies by the Board of Directors, or biennially at the General Assembly of Members. Applications will not be listed on the official roster of CPDC membership until full approval is granted and membership fees are paid.


Applications from organisations should be supported by proof of legal registration, most recent annual or programme report or other documentation providing evidence of activities undertaken and source of funding. While audited financial reports are not required, applicants in their annual/ programme report must give some indication of source of funding and scale of operations.


USD 100.00 per annum for all categories of membership. Applicants are required to pay dues once their application has been approved by the Assembly or Board of Directors. Applicants/Members may not attend an Assembly of the organization and vote as relevant if their dues are in arrears.


Full Membership

  • Regional Networks/Umbrellas
  • Regional Organisations
  • National Networks/Umbrellas
  • National Organisations


Associate Non-Voting Membership

  • Professional organisations
  • Voluntary service clubs
  • Non-State Actors Panels
  • Other Development related organizations ( social movements, social entrepreneurs, and trade unions)


Individual Non- Voting Membership

  • Individuals with expertise in CPDC priority programme areas
  • Individuals offering thought leadership related to the development sector
  • Founding Members of CPDC no longer associated with an organization

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