CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Consultancy to Develop and Formulate One Research Paper to Investigate the Issues of Food Sovereignty and Food Security in CARIFORUM Countries

The Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC), with support from the European Union (EU) is implementing a project entitled “Enhancing CARIFORUM’s CSO Capacity to Participate in National and Regional Development Programming and Policymaking” to improve the effectiveness of the strategies and modalities for national and regional CARIFORUM Civil Society Organisations to deliver developmental services and representation that may influence CARIFORUM’s social and economic development programmes and policies for sustainable Caribbean development.

In this light CPDC is interested in procuring the assistance of a consultant who is expected to provide thematic technical assistance to the CPDC to strengthen the knowledge base on food sovereignty and security in the Caribbean region. In this context, the consultant will be required to conduct an analysis of regional and international policy interventions to address the issues of food sovereignty and security, and develop a food
sustainability framework.

Submissions are to be sent to the Caribbean Policy Development Centre via electronic mail – with the subject line: CONSULTANCY TO DEVELOP AND FORMULATE ONE RESEARCH PAPER TO INVESTIGATE THE ISSUES OF FOOD SOVEREIGNTY AND SECURITY IN CARIFORUM COUNTRIES. 

All applications must be submitted by 25th November 2022 by 5:00 p.m. (UTC/GMT -4).

CPDC will only respond to the successful applicant(s). Only persons meeting the criteria as outlined in Terms of Reference should apply.

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