Capacity Development Workshop: Monitoring and Evaluation

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is funding a three-year Local Capacity for Local Solutions project geared at improving the managerial and operational capacity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC). The project will utilize innovative methods that support organizations to be more efficient, effective and sustainable. RTI International is the prime implementer of the project and the Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) is a contracted partner.

The project will build the hard and soft skills of NGOs working in the focal areas of environment, HIV/AIDS, youth/citizen security and LGBTI.

Scholarship Offer:
The Local Capacity for Local Solutions project is offering 15 scholarships to NGO leaders/managers to attend a Capacity Development Workshop: Monitoring and Evaluation; participants will be selected on a competitive basis. The participants must work in the focal areas identified (environment, HIV/AIDS, youth/citizen security, LGBTI) and be BASED IN 1) ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA; 2) BARBADOS; 3) DOMINICA; 4) GRENADA; 5) GUYANA; 6) ST. KITTS AND NEVIS 7) ST. LUCIA; 8) ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES; 9) SURINAME; OR 10) TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO.

Participants (selected organizational representatives) whose portfolio (main work activities) contains monitoring and evaluation will be prioritized.

The scholarship covers tuition, workshop materials, meals and (airfare, accommodation and incidentals for participants outside of the host country). Applicants must work in the focal sectors and countries described previously.

A letter of endorsement from the supporting organization is required, which indicates the nature of the relationship between the applicant and the endorsing organization, the reason for endorsing the applicant and the expected benefits to the organization from the applicant’s participation. (Please note your application will not be reviewed without the letter of endorsement. Candidates are expected to be endorsed by the organization that they are employed or volunteer with.)

Capacity Development Workshop: Monitoring and Evaluation

Proposed Dates: 22nd-24th May 2019

Proposed Location: Trinidad


Deadline for Applications: Tuesday 16th April 2019 by 11:59 pm (UTC/GMT -4).

Contact Information for Queries:

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  1. Nathan
    Nathan says:


    Institute for Project and Finance Management (IPFM), wishes to announce forthcoming Capacity Building program on Project monitoring techniques (Automated Monitoring System) using real-time data collection for digitizing M&E Framework and Mapping Theory of Change, scheduled from 10th March 2020 to 12th March 2020 at Goa, India.

    With our vast experience in Monitoring, Evaluation and IT for development, above short term training is planned for M&E team members, program managers and MIS team of INGOs, NGOs, CSRs Project, Grantmaking organizations and Large Scale Programs

    The focus of the training is on logically setting the monitoring mechanism with a real-time data collection method, system-driven monitoring, on-line reviews of significant deviations and delays, and data analytics of the information that are collected from the projects.


    – M&E framework automatically updated inter-locking the project framework updates, is the salient feature of the Flamingo Monitoring System.

    – M&E framework automatically triggers information on project progress that can be reviewed on-line with the project partners.

    – Monitoring activities, Evaluation notes and Learnings ( MEAL) can be archived in the M&E framework, providing a separate platform for M&E Team.

    Participants will be trained on the Flamingo Monitoring System, web-based tool and provided access to the software tools for the participant’s organizations. Orientation will be provided on how to fit the project matrix with built-in templates allowing micro-level activity planning linking resource engagements, target group information, update with output/benefit identification, result observation updated thorough indicators presence and documentary confirmation. Click for more details and Course contents.

    Organizations can make use of this capacity-building opportunity with an open license software tool for their country partners. Post-training the support will be extended to handhold the implementation of the tool for the project period.

    Venue of the program:

    Training Venue: Joe Cons Beach Resort, GOA, India

    Course Cost : USD 900 (inclusive of boarding, lodging and internal transfers from the airport to the venue)

    Dates : 10th, 11th and 12th March 2020

    Language : English ( Translators available on request for French and Spanish)

    More details are available in the following link:


    On_line nomination of participation can be done using this Link

    Thanks and regards.
    Course Co-ordinator
    Institute for Project and Finance Management
    (Unit of Sannet Infosol Pvt Ltd)
    Bangalore 560 068 INDIA
    Mob: +91-9886196635
    Tel :+ 91- 80-25533852

  2. Olise Ofili Patrick
    Olise Ofili Patrick says:

    I wish to become one of your consults in monitoring, evaluation and Learning. Also in statistical data production methodologies and management. Kindly accept my request and let me guarded accordingly. Please acknowledge receipt and for further enquiry you can contact me +23408133678655. Thanks


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