Consultancy to Formulate and Develop One Animated Educational Video on Good Governance in Public Administration in the Caribbean

CPDC is desirous of undertaking a consultancy to develop and formulate one animated educational video on Good Governance in Public Administration in the Caribbean. The aim is to enhance the knowledge of Caribbean citizens on the importance of good governance in public administration in the region by utilising animations to engage audiences on our website and social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

General Objective

  • To design and formulate one fully animated video utilizing kinetics, vectors and traditional animation and real life imagery on the topic of Good Governance in Public Administration which will be disseminated on CPDC’s website and social media platforms.

Specific Objectives

  1. To conceptualize and develop one fully coloured animated storyboard summarizing the artwork for the video in resolution of 1080p or higher.
  2. To select and include real life imagery, still and video, to enhance the overall message of the video.
  3. To include music/lyrics of a popular song that speaks to the need for good governance.
  4. To review the script on Good Governance in Public Administration, provided by CPDC, for editing purposes and to ensure the video fits into the three-minute and forty five second stipulated time frame.
  5. To recruit the voice artist for the development of the Good Governance in Public Administration video with the inclusion of closed captions.

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