Promoting Renewable Energy Production in Farming Communities in Barbados

This project, “Promoting Renewable Energy Production in Farming Communities in Barbados”, aimed to support climate change mitigation efforts in Barbados. It was funded by the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. The project focused on the agricultural sector, given its importance to food security and sovereignty, rural development, import substitution, and, in the long term, sustainable development of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) of the region.

Moreover, as the region moves towards a green economy, many sectors are seeking guidance and support for alternative energy and water conservation options. In this context, the deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) is particularly relevant for Barbados. The climatic conditions make the island an ideal setting for such initiatives.

Overall Project Objectives were to:

  1. Map existing farm practices and assess opportunities for the use of renewable energy sources on farms in Barbados.
  2. Establish one demonstration farm showcasing the practical application and utility of alternative and renewable energy sources for farms.
  3. Train thirty (30) farmers in Barbados to effectively install and utilise renewable energy sources on their farms.
  4. Facilitate multi-sectoral dialogue around the opportunities and barriers to the use of renewable energy in the agricultural sector.

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Project Goal & Objectives:

To enhance the application of renewable energy technologies on farms in Barbados


UNDP Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme


Small Scale Farmers

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