Rebuilding for Good: Actions Needed from Governments to Support and Sustain Civil Society

Project Overview:

Civil society has played a vital and irreplaceable role during the global pandemic. Similarly, it will be central in rebuilding our societies and pushing for the fundamental changes needed to make our world suitable for future generations. The Rebuilding for Good document serves as a practical guide for governments’ actions and should be considered to assist with sustaining and strengthening civil society as part of COVID-19 recovery and rebuilding efforts. It draws on evidence of initiatives that have been introduced across the world and offers suggestions to bolster these efforts. 

Funded by the European Union in partnership with CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, the CPDC is implementing the Barbados component of a project titled “Rebuilding for Good”. In addition to the project’s global level networking goal, which contributes to the CIVICUS Rebuilding for Good Advocacy initiative, the project’s core will be national-level advocacy engagement and capacity development. 

Project Outcome

For the Government to commit to the following:

  • Remove restrictions; amplify the value of and contributions from civil society;
  • Support civil society to meet and reduce operating costs;
  • Provide flexibility in regulatory requirements; 
  • Include civil society in COVID-19 stimulus funds and subsidies; 
  • Develop the infrastructure needed to upscale civil society efforts; and
  • Empower civil society to develop sustainable alternatives.  

At a Glance

Project Goal & Objectives:

To create an enabling environment for civil society contributions to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic utilising the Rebuilding for Good document.


European Union


Civil Society

Time Frame:

3 months

Project Country:

Argentina, Barbados and Ghana.