Expression of Interest – Consultancy to Peer Review Strategic Plan and Develop Training PowerPoint

The CPDC in partnership with USAID is implementing a three-year project titled Local Capacity for Local Solutions (LCLS). The USAID/ESC Local Capacity for Local Solutions project is focused on building the managerial, organizational, and administrative capacity of selected NGOs, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex (LGBTI) organizations; utilizing innovative methods and approaches to support them in expanding services and improving sustainability in the ESC (Eastern and Southern Caribbean) region. As part of this, CPDC will be developing various capacity building materials to support the improved managerial, organizational and administrative capacity of NGOs.

As part of the capacity development materials under the Local Capacity for Local Solutions project, CPDC is desirous of developing materials to help NGOs understand the strategic planning process. This includes providing guidance on the best practices in the development of a strategic plan and its elements.  CPDC also has a strategic plan template which it is seeking to improve. Therefore, this Consultancy is for a peer reviewer to review the preexisting template as well as provide recommendations for the updating of said template. The Consultancy will also include the development of a power point presentation based on the updated template which can be used by NGOs.  

Expression of Interest:

Deadline for Applications: Monday 25th March , 2019 by 5:00 p.m. (UTC/GMT -4)


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