Extended Deadline: Call for Concept Notes: Sub grants for Umbrella Non-Governmental Organisations

The Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) in partnership with the European Union (EU) is implementing a joint 3-year grant partnership that seeks to build the capacity of the Non-Governmental Sector in the Caribbean through the implementation of a number of specific actions.

CPDC invites UMBRELLA NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS to apply for a small grant which would aid in their ability to efficiently and effectively provide services to their beneficiaries/members throughout the region. CPDC will provide technical assistance upon request. Kindly see attached Call for Concept Notes. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

All applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm (UTC/GMT -4) on Wednesday 11th October 2017.

Call for Concept Notes – http://docdro.id/Mpxu0Z9
Application Form – http://docdro.id/Kd6lMcj

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  1. S. Taejus
    S. Taejus says:

    I have just read the CPDC’s 19 page Call for Concept Notes and the 32 page Application Form for grants ranging from a minimum of 8,000 USD to a maximum of 10,000 USD. I also noted that this call is almost identical to the call prepared by the EU for CSOs to apply for much larger grants (ranging in the hundreds of thousands Euros) which are aimed at larger CSOs with significantly greater capacity to complete these grants and successfully apply. I have also noted that the implementation of the sub-granting schemes that the EU considers value-added elements to the actions of CSOs that they have chosen to fund is meant to target small organizations that do not have the operational capacity to seek funding directly from the EU and hence have allowed this support to third parties through the CSO (in this case the CPDC) to invite and implement these smaller grants. In the context of these observations why is the call and application process issued by the CPDC so extensive and somewhat prohibitive for the target NGOs (those that would have limited capacity to respond to a call similar to the EU’s) for such a smaller threshold of money? And based on this how many respondents are actually able or interested in applying through such a rigourous application process for a maximum grant of 10,000 USD? I would be very interested in your response. I suggest a simplified approach to the CPDCs invitation and application process for sub grants to NGOs that require much needed financial support for capacity development.

    • CDPC NGO Consultant Assistant
      CDPC NGO Consultant Assistant says:

      Thank you for your question. In this instance, the CPDC’s Call for Proposal to which you refer is intended for established Umbrella organizations which have the capacity to undertake the application process. Technical advice is offered to organizations that request such in their concept and proposal submissions. A total of approximately six organizations will receive grants within this competitive process. We have actually worked with a number of organizations with limited capacity and in many instances, they have been able to draw on their internal social capital/network to formulate quality submissions guided by the technical advice we provide. One of our present Grantees (a very small NGO) has also indicated that the net effect of a successful completion of the application/project implementation process has been an increase in organizational capacity to prepare project proposals and undertake project reporting based on the templates provided by the CPDC.

      With regards to the EU Call For Proposals, you may have to seek their input directly on the rationale for their rules and guidelines as CPDC cannot speak to this matter.

      I thank you for your input and suggestions on a simplified proposal process and we will certainly consider it as we move forward.


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