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To encourage safe sex practices while providing safe and secure environments where members of the LGBTQ+ community can access services such as sexual health, general health, mental health and legal advice. Through community empowerment, education, networking and rights based advocacy.


A country with a community built on respect, acceptance, empathy and dignity for all of its citizens.




To promote the sexual health of key populations through connecting persons to services, education on prevention , care and treatment;

To create networks and build relationships with service providers to ensure stigma-free treatment of the LGBTQI+ community;

To advocate on human rights violations, issues of access and right to justice;

To advocate for policy and legal reform that promotes equality;

To build and assist networks that support key populations/ marginalized people; and

To engage in public education to sensitize and humanize issues facing key populations.


The establishment of an LGBT Drop-In Centre where clients can access services such as : HIV and STI testing, PrEP, Psycho-Social support, and doctors checks ups;

The first community site in the region to offer PrEP;

Conducted sensitization training to service providers in the Ministry of Health to the needs of the LGBT Community; and

Equals is the only organisation in Barbados who can collect records of Human Rights violations through the Share Incident Database.





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