Green Enviro TT

Green Enviro TT


To create engagement in the adaptation of climate change one community at a time, by increasing awareness and action related to environmental issues challenging the islands' development.


At Green Enviro TT, we envision a thriving local environment, developed and managed by community effort, that inspires and sustains us for generations to come.


Water Resource Protection & Management, Ecosystem Protection & Restoration, Energy Efficiency & Clean Energy Options, Sustainable Land use Management, Green Building


Identifying priority environmental issues and communities to target for project development;

Designing environmental stewardship activities to encourage community development;

Providing a forum to bring together experiences related to developing the natural and built environment from individuals , institutions, and organisations;

Collaborating with other organisations to encourage individuals in communities to take responsibility to improve environmental quality at a local level;

Providing outreach and educational programs to support changes in individual and corporate green living habits;

Researching and promoting  actions in environmental science and related disciplines in the best interest of residential communities;

Publishing and preparing reports, short films, case studies,  and journals for defusing knowledge on activities of the organisation;

Publishing literature blog posts and other educational material, organizing exhibitions, establishing and contributing to community and school libraries, and acquiring information in fields related to the environment with the approval of the stakeholders involved; and

Mobilising/ Organising and training/ enabling communities for collective action (s) to promote sustainability, and to achieve it through promoting values of civil society.


The launching of a study on waste management in Tobago.




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