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Green Heritage Fund Suriname
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To move all Surinamese to make wise decisions for the sustainable use of our natural resources.


To create a society that consciously works towards the continued improvement of its environment and the promotion of a green, clean, healthy Suriname.


To increase awareness among the general public on environmental issues; and

To promote sustainable development and the conservation of natural resources in Suriname.


The Xenartha (sloth, anteater and armadillo) Rescue and Rehabilitation program. 

Under this program the Green Heritage Fund Suriname rescues injured or very young wild animals particularly sloths and anteaters to rehabilitate and return them to the wild. Since 2005 , the organisation has rescued over 800 wild animals from difficult situations in the Urban and rural areas in the coastal plains. In August 2017, the shelter for the animals was moved from the house of the past chairman and a centre was officially opened by the Minister of Spatial Planning, Land and Forest Management in November 2018. Additionally, several organisations have joined forces to work on forest fragments in the urban and rural areas.

Dolphin Program

Since 2005, local volunteers have collected basic data on the Wild Sotalia guianensis dolphin population in the estuary of the Suriname River. The  dolphin program  includes collection of basic data, training of volunteers and other stakeholders, and providing education and information to the public.  The  goal of the program is the protection of the wild dolphin population, through the establishment of and maintenance of  a sound community monitoring program that contributes to decision making in respect of the estuary of the Suriname River.  From its inception, the Dolphin  Program has played an important role in the development of responsible dolphin watching tourism. The direct and indirect economic benefit of the dolphin tourism is estimated to be around USD 1,000,000 annually mainly benefiting the local community. Additionally, a wide range of stakeholders  have been involved in different educational and awareness activities implemented by the Dolphin Program. 

Education and Research

All activities of the foundation are aimed at increasing the awareness and understanding of the general public regarding environmental issues. The organisation primarily focuses on educational activities to advocate against wildlife in captivity and creating green corridors in the city so that humans and animals can co-exist without conflicts. A petition was submitted twice to the Surinamese Parliament to ban the sale of wild animals on the streets of Paramaribo, and against wildlife trade in general. In 2010 a petition was also initiated against the support of the Suriname Government of the Japanese Whaling  standpoint within the International Whaling Commission. In 2015, three billboards were placed on strategic locations in Paramaribo to raise awareness about the wild animals that belong in the wild ( Een Wild Dier hoort in het Wild). Outreach activities are conducted involving students and teachers of all educational levels. The organisation  also coordinates GLOBE in Suriname, a world wide citizen education project.

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