Helen’s Daughters

Helen’s Daughters
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Mobilising rural women through empowerment and entrepreneurship.


Female Economic Empowerment; and

Female Entrepreneurship.


Expand the opportunities for rural women working in agriculture;

Promote digital inclusion of women in aspects of agricultural outputs; and

Foster entrepreneurship and enhance productivity of women and women owned agricultural enterprises.


Collaborated with the University of British Columbia by partnering five chemical and biological, and geological engineering students with rural women farmers to find sustainable agricultural practices, develop skills such as data management and use of Google Earth, and develop technical recommendations for the sustainable design of a farm;

 Hosted the First Rural Women's Workshop , which addressed several issues pertaining to women business owners. Thirty(30)  women involved in agriculture, fisheries, trades and crafts, food processing and market vending participated in this workshop; and

Over one hundred (100) women farmers have adopted new agricultural practices such as :

Switching from commercial pesticides to organic substitutes such as seaweed; and 

Adopting new approaches to mitigate against climate change and land degradation.






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