I Am A Girl

I Am A Girl
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To inspire, empower, and provide opportunities for young girls to lead and create positive change


To develop a positive shift in community spirit, and build an everlasting sisterhood among girls of every variety of background, locally and regionally


Mentorship, Capacity Building, Advocacy and Community Development


To develop the awareness and interest of its members and civil society about social, economic and environmental issues related to young vulnerable and "at risk " girls;

To encourage young ,vulnerable and "at risk" girls to participate in training programmes to develop leadership skills, which would encourage further service contribution to their community;

To promote the welfare of the community and its young citizens through planning and execution of comprehensive projects geared mainly towards young vulnerable and "at risk" girls;

To establish and maintain stronger relations with like minded youth lead and youth focused groups, NGOs, other organisations and the furtherance of understanding the challenges, young vulnerable and "at risk" girls face; and 

To accumulate effective solutions that can be developed to influence the decision making process on areas which affect young vulnerable  and "at risk" girls.

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PO Box 392, The Valley, St. George, Barbados
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