Westmoorings Boulevard, Diego Martin Regional Corporation , TT
Westmoorings Boulevard Diego Martin Regional Corporation TT

Our mission is to foster a sustainable positive impact on the intra and interpersonal, community, and systemic factors of mental health.

Our goals are to:

  • Dispel the stigma of Mental Illness
  • Improve community access to quality mental health care
  • Equip society with meaningful and effective ways to cope with mental health issues
  • Expand and enhance mental health resources for both the professional and patient communities
  • Produce reliable and valid data that have a measurable impact that is culturally relevant and specific to our local context
Organisation Social Media
Name of Primary Contact
Maria O'Brien
Director of Digital Development
Phone Number
(868) 354-3015
Name of Alternate Contact
Arnaldo James
Art Director
Phone Number
(868) 355-8550