Most programmes within the JAD are ongoing, and some are engaged for a period based on a funding contract:
– Formal Deaf education programmes (pre-school to secondary)
– Clinical hearing services and hearing enhancement programme (including hearing screening and provision of hearing aids)
– Advocacy and communication support programmes (including youth advocacy development, interpreting services, and public sensitisation sessions, and sign language classes)
– Individual and family assessment and guidance services (including care package distribution, student sponsorship, and family counselling)
– Employment support programmes (including remedial education support, school-to-work guidance and assessment, and a bindery which employs Deaf persons)
– Community development special programmes (including projects geared at addressing significant issues in the community such as child abuse and gender based violence)
Note: Our clinical hearing services, bindery, JSL classes and interpreting services are operated as social enterprises.

Name of Primary Contact
Ms. Kimberley Sherlock
Director, Social Services
Phone Number
(876) 550-4788