Sustainable Grenadines Inc

Sustainable Grenadines Inc


To empower the people of the Grenadines to make wise use of their natural resources through environmental education and stewardship-building, sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and strengthening of civil society organizations.


The Grenadines is a place of abundant healthy natural resources managed by resilient interconnected island communities.


Capacity Building;

Monitoring & Evaluation;

Conservation & Sustainable Development; and

Outreach &  Education.


To build the capacity of the local communities in the Grenadines of Grenada and SVG so they can participate in the decision making process;

To influence policy and legislation that will protect and develop the natural resources of the Grenadines; and

To bring about change that is equitable and long lasting for the people of the Grenadines. 


Restoration of the Ashton Lagoon ;

Development of the Marine Multi- Use Zoning Plan for the transboundary Grenadines of Grenada and SVG ;

Conducted the first transboundary biophysical monitoring  (coral reef);

Launching a Junior Ranger and Community Researches Program; and

Supported the first mariculture (seamoss farming) and Apiculture (honey production) in the Grenadines.


(784) 485-8779
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Jerome Village, Ashton, Union Island, St. Vincent & the Grenadines
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