Welcome to our Regional CPDC NGO Directory! This Directory contains an extensive list of functional non-governmental organizations which operate across the Caribbean region. The Regional NGO Directory provides a database which can be filtered by both country and sector; provides basic contact information on organizations across an array of development sectors; allows members of the public and donors to access up to date information on organizations in the NGO sector; and allows users to access a continually updated regional listing. We hope that the information found here is beneficial to you and your organizations.

47 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica
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1st Avenue, Jackson, St. Michael Bridgetown Barbados
(246) 424-9849 / (246) 260-5632(246) 424-9849 / (246) 260-5632
(246) 424-9849
P.O. Box 2881, Kingston, Jamaica
We are a non -profit charitable organization. Our aim is to keep a critically ill child alive by ...
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Piggots Mall, Market & St.Mary's Street
(268) 562-7651(268) 562-7651
(268) 562-7651
Newgate Street, St, John's, Antigua
(268) 462-2005 / (268) 462-0447 / (268) 562-6541(268) 462-2005 / (268) 462-0447 / (268) 562-6541
(268) 462-5220
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Unit 1, Upper Level, Elan Place, 137 Eastern Main Rd. Caribbean
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705-S2 Fernandes Business Centre, Eastern Main Road, Laventille, Trinidad & Tobago
Advancement of civil society in governance; public awareness; strengthening member organisations;...
12 Easton Avenue Kingston Jamaica
Public education and training,  capacity building.  Financial/project cycle management, business ...
Hope Land, Kirtons, St. Philip, Barbados. BB18085
Our Mission: Educating and Empowering our members and our community. Our Vision: To educate, brin...
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St. Paul's Avenue, Beckles Road, St. Michael Bridgetown Barbados
(246) 426-3438(246) 426-3438
(246) 228-0295
#32 Orchid Close, Husbands Terrace, St. James, Barbados.
BAML promotes the personal, social and educational development of Muslim females.
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10 The Garrison, St. Michael Bridgetown Barbaods
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Collymore Rock, St. Michael Bridgetown Barbados
Henry Lane, Collymore Rock, St. Michael Bridgetown Barbados
B757 Cheapside, Bridgetown, Barbados
BarCRO has been established to promote the welfare and interests of consumers in a globalised and...
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Harambee House, Garrison Bridgetown St. Michael Barbados
The National body representing 21 Organisations. Our mission is to advocate and work with local, ...
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