IAMovement – Trinidad & Tobago

I AMovement is a non-governmental organisation located in Trinidad and Tobago. It is movement which was founded and led by young people, with a focus of effecting positive social and environmental changes as well as to raise awareness on key social, environmental and economic issues in Trinidad & Tobago. This is facilitated through projects, activities and events geared at empowering others and creating a platform for discussion and dialogue on important issues at a national level.

IAMovement’s projects, advocacy work and activities are centred around environmental issues primarily: renewable energy, climate change adaptation and waste and water management.

From its inception, IAMovement has implemented various initiatives such as : Climate Talk and Rethinking Energy video series, Building Climate Resilience through Community-Led Rehabilitation , Building on Vetiver, and the rehabilitation of Quarries (ROQ) project.

In 2018, IAMovement partnered with the National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago (NGC), to implement the Climate Talk and Rethinking Energy video series. This series entailed a cross country viewing and discussion programme around Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies. It consisted of thirty (30) events at schools, organisations, and public spaces.

The “Building Climate Resilience through Community-Led Rehabilitation” which is funded by the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme and the Integrating Water Land and Ecosystems Management (IWEco). The program has entailed training of thirty (30) persons from the Turure community and environs in becoming ‘Quarry Rehabilitation Champions’ to rehabilitate 2.5 hectares of degraded lands at National Quarries site in Sangre Grande.

The Building on Vetiver, the rehabilitation of Quarries (ROQ) project, and VEEP model which IAMovement helped to develop has led to a three (3) year project which began in December 2018. The project was cofounded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and other partners. It seeks to implement eight (8) large-sized pilot projects around the country, to analyse and document the use of vetiver grass as a bioengineering tool to assist with environmental challenges including: landslides, coastal erosion and quarry and landfill rehabilitation. It will be carried out through an inclusive and opportunity creating approach. Members of communities across Trinidad & Tobago training and employing members of communities across Trinidad and Tobago to partake in the implementation and the maintenance of the projects.

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