Dr. Ashley C John

Dr. Ashley C John

Dr. Ashley C John is the recipient of the 3rd place prize for successfully completing the NGO Link Pilot- User Feedback Survey. His prize will include the purchase of the 2019 QuickBooks Accounting Software Package.

Dr. John is a social entrepreneur with experience in managing sustainable development programs and projects. Additionally, he has also worked for many years in the Corporate, Public and Private Sector respectively.

Some of his rewarding experiences are noted as, a recipient of I-Nations USA Honorary Degree, Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities, Exceptional Global Leadership Award 2015, and appointed as a Good Will Ambassador respectively.

In addition to this, he has also been awarded, Chefette’s assistant manager of the year 2000, Restaurant Manager of the Quarter 2013 and BYBT social entrepreneur of the year 2010.

He attributes his passion for developing people as coming from his divine purpose of teaching others how to use “what they have in their hands”, and continuously has been working alongside mostly unemployed and disadvantaged young adults.

Dr. John remains committed to fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among youth, as a means of inspiring creativity, innovation, building independence, creating jobs for unemployed people and generating wealth.

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