Kevin Liverpool – Drama Making A Difference (DMAD)

Grant recipient under LCLS project

The LCLS project was a grant full of technical support. The capacity of our organization has grown significantly during the period of implementation.

Kevin Liverpool, Director, DMAD

Drama Making A Difference (DMAD) is a Trinidadian non-profit grass roots organization which utilizes the literary and performing arts as advocacy and teaching tools around several issues. The organization specializes in grassroots education campaigns and arts-based interventions for children and youth to tackle such issues as youth violence, social justice and gender equality.

In 2018 under the LCLS project DMAD applied for a Comprehensive Capacity Grant to strengthen its institutional capacity. The grant allowed DMAD to develop a number of key documents including a five-year strategic plan and an operations manual. It also provided leadership and project management training for key people within the organization.

The grant enabled DMAD to establish its first Board of Directors contributing to improved quality of governance, transparency and accountability for the organisation. DMAD was also inspired to consider adopting a Social Enterprise model to contribute to the financial accountability and sustainability of the organisation. The organization is currently finalizing the details for implementation.

DMAD was also very appreciative of the technical support provided by the CPDC CD team. The ‘hand-holding’ and level of assistance provided resonated with the organization and CPDC was recognized as an organization ‘that understands the needs and challenges of NGOs’.

Through the LCLS project DMAD is very excited about the possibilities for the organization and the positive impact that can be made in the lives of the beneficiaries with strengthen institutional systems.

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