Lincoln Connor – Antioch Baptist Church

Grant recipient under LCLS project

Working with CPDC makes our work feel worthwhile, CPDC is a true partner to NGOs and is dedicated to ensuring their success through ongoing support to the sector.”

Lincoln Connor, Director, Antioch Baptist Church

Antioch Baptist Church was founded in St. Kitts in 1963 with a mission to inspire and celebrate social change led by and for young people through a multifaceted approach.

Throughout its history the church has been a catalyst for social change in its community. The church has developed a number of social programmes which cater to the young members of the community between the ages of 10—25 years old. The programmes focus on skills development, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution and decision making. The organization believes that young people deserve to be respected and treated like equal members of society. In responding to community needs the church has developed After School Programs, Camps, Retreats, Workshops and Youth Exchange Programs to engage young people, equip them skills to make better choices and contribute to national development goals.

Recognising the need to strengthen and improve the delivery of social services Antioch applied for a Comprehensive Capacity Grant under the LCLS in 2018. The Grant resulted in the provision of training and practical leadership skills for youth leaders. This training bolstered the leadership capacity of its present core of volunteers.

Young leaders were excited to be a part of the training and expressed their appreciation to Antioch for the invaluable opportunities they received. Antioch will continue to explore other opportunities for this type of assistance; providing ongoing training and building the capacities of youth. The church is committed to mentoring and developing a new team of leaders for the future. Additionally the church has also been able to attract a new core volunteers to due to the success of its programmes.

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