For over twenty years The Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) has been the leading umbrella body representing the major national and regional NGO networks in the Caribbean. CPDC has served as the voice of the NGO community on a variety of policy issues and concerns. Established since 1991, CPDC invaluable and pioneering work has led to it being recognised as the voice of Caribbean NGOs in both regional and international fora.

CPDC is a strategic convenor of NGOs and civil society throughout the region. The organisation over its twenty years of existence has been able to bring together not only NGOs and civil society for critical dialogue in a number of policy areas (Sustainable Development, Trade Liberalisation, Governance & Participation, Capacity Building) but has worked with all of the major stakeholders including , policy makers, the private sector and trade unions in an effort to formulate critical positions and programmes aimed at advancing social and economic development in the region.

CPDC is an advocate of civil society views and concerns. CPDC is seen as the primary representative of civil society in the Caribbean. As a membership based body of national and regional networks, the organisation’s reach is wide and varied. CPDC programmes and positions not only benefit its wider membership but also general civil society. The organisation has produced a number of studies and publications aimed at championing civil society voices and concerns and ensuring they are given the necessary space in public and policy debate. The organisation’s magazine the Caribbean Beacon is just one of the mechanisms used by CPDC to highlight civil society issues.

CPDC builds awareness and education of the civil society sector. One of the key principles of the organisation is that ‘every day’ citizens must have the information that they need in order to make critical decisions which will affect their life. In this respect, CPDC has undertaken in all of its work to build the capacity of Caribbean citizens to engage critical social issues by providing education and building awareness. The organisation has undertaken a myriad of training and educational workshops and seminars. In particular CPDC places special emphasis on engaging the vulnerable and marginal groups including youth, rural women, the disabled and rural women.

Strategic Mission and Vision

Mission: To build civil society organisations partnerships through engagement with people, governments and other relevant partners to influence the design and implementation of policies that empower and improve the lives of Caribbean people.

Vision: Putting People at the Centre of Caribbean Sustainable Development.

Strategic Representation & Actions

  • Civil Society Representative on OTN Working Group on Labour and Environment (2011)
  • Lead Consultants CARICOM/EU Civil Society Project (2010- 2011)
  • Member IADB Civil Society Mechanisms since 2000 (Civil Society Advisory Council, renamed Civil Society Consulting Group in 2009)
  • UNECLAC- Sub-regional headquarters for the High Level Advisory Committee: Review of the Economies of Climate Change in the Caribbean
  • CPDC is represented on the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professionals (CAAM-HP)
  • CPDC chairs the Civil Society Sector Sub-Committee on Disaster Management of Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA)
  • CPDC sits on the project steering Committee of CDEMA’s ACP-EU Natural Disaster Risks Management Sub- Regional Programme
  • CPDC funded project for Grenada Rural Development Programme (Post Ivan) which included micro- enterprise funding and house repair and rebuilding.
  • Strategic Research on Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility ( 2009)
  • Initiated and manages the National Working Committees on Trade (NWCTs) in seven Caribbean countries
  • Chair of the NGO Working Group on the World Bank (2000- 2002)
  • Civil Society Representative on the CARICOM Joint Consultative Committee (1995- 2002)
  • Caribbean Representatives Civil Society ACP- EU Working Group
  • CPDC pioneered the development of Civil Society Code of Conduct
  • Regional policy advocacy on draft model NGO legislation for adoption in all CARICOM countries
  • Initiated the Caribbean NGO Reference Group on External Relations (CRG)