The CARIFORUM-EU Joint Consultative Committee of the Economic Partnership Agreement

The CARIFORUM-EU Joint Consultative Committee of the Economic Partnership Agreement, is tasked with assisting the CARIFORUM-EU Joint Council in promoting dialogue and cooperation among representatives of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

The main roles of the CARIFORUM-EU Joint Consultative Committee are to monitor the implementation of all economic, social and environmental aspects of the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU, its Member States and the CARIFORUM States and; to strengthen dialogue between representatives of civil society.

The Joint Consultative Committee is made up of 40 standing representatives, 25 of which are from the CARIFORUM region, with the remaining 15 from the European Union. Representatives were selected from the identified sectors of (a) employer’s organizations (b) trade unions (c) other economic, social actors and non-governmental actors including development and environmental organizations (d) the academic community.

Association of Caribbean Universities and Research Institutes

Association Des Industries d’Haiti

Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies

Alianza ONG

Caribbean Association of Banks Inc.

Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce

Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action

Caribbean Consumer Council

Caribbean Association of Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions

The Caribbean Congress of Labour

Caribbean Employers’ Confederation

Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean Farmers Network

Confederacion Dominicana De La Pequena Y Mediana Empresa

Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association

Caribbean Network of Fisherfolk Organisations

Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development

Caribbean Network of Services Coalition

Caribbean Organisation of Indigenous Peoples

Caribbean Youth Environment Network

Dominican Federation of Chambers of Commerce

Santo Domingo Institute of Technology

Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association

West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers’ Association