West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers’ Association

Name of Organisation: West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers’ Association

Type of Organisation: Regional

Location of Secretariat Barbados

Years in Operation: 45

Address of Secretariat: Mars House, #13 Pine Road, Belleville, St. Michael, Barbados.

Telephone Number of Secretariat: 246 228 8033

Email Address of Secretariat:

Vision of the Organisation: Vision – to have WIRSPA producers recognised as meeting international best practice in all areas of corporate social responsibility, producing Authentic Caribbean Rum brands which are seen as premium quality products and as an individual category underpinned by quality and by heritage, provenance and diversity

Mission of the Organisation: Role – to support members to maintain and increase their economic and social contribution to their national economies and to encourage corporate social responsibility in areas of energy, the environment and responsible consumption.

Key programme areas of the Organisation: Promoting better access to new and existing markets, Supporting increased competitiveness and sustainability, Category promotion and growth and Projecting a responsible industry

Members of the Organisation: 13

List of current members:

  • WIRSPA is made up of associations from individual Caribbean territories.
  • Antigua Rum Producers’ Association
  • Asociacion Dominicana De Productores De Ron
  • Barbados Rum Committee
  • Distillers and Rum Producers of Guyana
  • Jamaica Rum & Spirits Trade Association
  • St Lucia Rum Producers’ Association
  • Suriname Rum Producers’ Foundation
  • Trinidad Rum Exporters’ Advisory Committee
  • Associate members:
  • Belize Rum Producers’ Association
  • Dominican Rum Association
  • Grenada Rum & Spirits Producers’ Association
  • Haitian Rum Producers’ Association
  • St Vincent Rum Association

Overview of past EPA projects: Caribbean Rum Sector Support Programme – part of the EPA Implementation Project – The overall objective to build the long-term viability of the CARIFORUM rum sector as a significant source of employment, tax revenues and foreign exchange (2012-2016).

EPA – SPS programme: Objective – to improve food safety systems of rum producers (2016)

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