UNCTAD 15 Call for Session Proposals: Civil Society Forum 2021

UNCTAD 15 Civil Society Forum at a Glance

The Theme of the UNCTAD Conference From Inequality and Vulnerability to Prosperity for All provides a platform to re-energize and refocus development efforts and commitments. In advance of the main Conference, the Civil Society Forum, 22-24 September 2021, aims to facilitate robust and substantive dialogue amongst civil society in an inclusive space which is representative of the diversity of civil society.

To ensure an active engagement and inclusivity among diverse groups at the Forum, the civil society community is invited to submit proposals for the organization of a number of sessions.

Why participate?

UNCTAD 15 is set to take place against the backdrop of a world economy in crisis, a public health catastrophe, alongside social and economic uncertainty. The context of COVID-19 forces a new layer of challenges globally. As a result, UNCTAD 15 will discuss social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the objective of creating sustainable solutions.

    • Civil society participation in the Forum will signal the continued commitment to the essential inclusion of
      civil society voices in the multi-lateral space.
    • Civil society representatives will have the opportunity to have meaningful participation in the forum to air
      their concerns and engage with policymakers in a forum that focuses on economic growth and
      transformative development.
    • Outcomes of the sessions organized at the UNCTAD 15 Civil Society Forum will be reflected in the
      Declaration presented to the governments to further impact national and global discussions beyond
      UNCTAD 15.

Selection Process

Due to the virtual nature of the Forum and associated time constraints, only a limited number of sessions can be selected. As a result, we highly encourage participating groups from different geographical regions of the world to collaborate and organize joint sessions to ensure dynamic and inclusive dialogue. This should include a diversity of sectors and gender balance among speakers. Therefore, proposals with an innovative and engaging session format will be highly considered.

The call for proposals is open to all Civil Society Organizations and their networks. The review and selection process of the proposals will be conducted by the UNCTAD 15 Civil Society Facilitating Group in close cooperation with the UNCTAD Secretariat.

Deadline for Submission

The deadline for submitting a session proposal is Monday, 06 September 2021. All proposals must be submitted electronically using the attached Submission form which should be emailed to

We appreciate your organization’s interest in participating and organising sessions at UNCTAD15. Organizers will be notified if their session has been selected for the Civil Society Forum by Thursday 9th September, 2021.

More information on the UNCTAD15 Civil Society Forum can be found here.

Download the Session Proposal Submission Form

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