About the Project

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is funding a three-year Local Capacity for Local Solutions (LCLS) project working to improve the managerial and operational capacity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC). The project utilizes innovative methods and technologies to support organizations to be more efficient, effective and sustainable. RTI International is the prime implementer of the project and the Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) is a contracted partner.

The Local Capacity for Local Solutions project, targets ten (10) project countries working in the focal areas of Environment, HIV/AIDS, Youth/Citizen Security and LGBTI. These countries include: 1) Antigua and Barbuda; 2) Barbados; 3) Dominica; 4) Grenada; 5) Guyana; 6) St. Kitts and Nevis; 7) St. Lucia; 8) St. Vincent and the Grenadines; 9) Suriname; and 10) Trinidad and Tobago.

One of the core objectives of the project is to strengthen the Capacity and Connectivity of NGOs using Innovative Approaches. One of the activities that will achieve this is the creation of an online learning forum and marketplace for NGOs, called NGO Link.

NGO Link is housed on the CPDC’s website but provides specialized materials and resources that caters specifically to the project’s core objectives and focal areas. This platform intends to connect NGOs through a dynamic and interactive online forum. NGO Link features a wide variety of resources as well as opportunities for NGOs to connect and learn from each other.

NGO Link includes: a Capacity Development Resource Library – which houses a wide range of capacity development materials, inclusive of documents, links and self-assessments; an NGO Directory – which aims to highlight NGOs from across the ESC region who work in the focal areas identified and have participated in at least one project activity/event; an Events Calendar – which highlights events, workshops, trainings and other capacity development forums; Opportunities – which include available prospects for grants, scholarships, job openings and other development opportunities; Success Stories – which features beneficiaries of the Local Capacity for Local Solutions project; and a LCLS Gallery – which showcases photos and video material from our various workshops and activities hosted under this project.

Although the primary users of this platform may be NGOs, we encourage the private sector, governments and development partners to use and participate in NGO Link in order to promote collaboration and greater connectivity.