Our NGO Directory provides a comprehensive list on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from across the Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC) region that have benefitted from at least one project activity under the USAID funded Local Capacity for Local Solutions (LCLS) Project. This Directory allows fellow NGOs, partners, donors and civil society to access reliable information, in order to facilitate joint action and knowledge sharing amongst NGOs within and beyond the Caribbean region. The NGO Directory can be searched and filtered by an organization’s name, country or sector, and provides basic and up to date information on each of the organization’s listed below.

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47 Croal Street and Austin Place, Georgetown
Omattie Madray / Hasani Tinnie
+592 623-8496 / +592 600-5169
203 Duncan Street, Lamaha Gardens Georgetown
Paige Cadogan
(592) 225-7283
705-S12 Fernandes Business Centre Eastern Main RoadLaventillePort of Spain
Mary Moonan
(868 )-626 3635
Corey Layne
(246) 239-3712
Shamelle Rice
(246) 256-4615
Cedars Road Castries St. Lucia
Jacqueline Massiah- Simeon
(758)- 452-5094
Aldair Sobers
Janelle Headley
Zeleca Julien
Michael Rapley